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icons, icons, and more icons. plus, other stuff
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This is a community strictly for posting any graphics or icons I make. Feel free to join or friend the community, but you will not be able to post.

My last icon journal was cristis_icons. You can still look through it if you'd like.

As far as credit goes, crediting either cristi_is_here or stonefeathers is fine. If you still have cristis_icons credited, that's fine, too. :)

Thank you.

I use icon brushes/image packs by __kali__, laurad311, inxsomniax, kimberly_a, _joni_, incarnatus_, disorderedmind, lovetheories,dojie, canamae, littlekfru, neversince, slipbucketlove, crystalkirk, bunny_icons, exit47, fyre_paved, dj43, any_otherday, scarsonchest, ohpaintbrush, organza, ewanism, nightcomes, haydens__hun, iiokua, toybirds. And if I've miss any, please let me know! It's hard keeping track of all the brush makers.

I also use gradients by killprettyx and oxoniensis

I've gotten screen caps and pictures from cap_it,freeze frame, screen cap paradise, nika-summers, smg fan, boreanaz.net, danradcliffe.co.uk,rupert grint gallery, indilimne.net, bangmebrandon, _killmenow_, the killers fansite, the killers flirtatious, dan-radcliffe.net, robert-pattinson.org,fall out boy galeria and most other sources are most likely cited in the post. :)

Stocks, light textures/textures, patterns, etc. from: http://sxc.hu/, teh_indy, awmp, lvlwing, withaghost, littlekfru, wickedripeplum, noctuidae, colorfilter, ooo_shiney, ellipsisicons, wonton_graphics, oxoniensis, fluffy_monster, juliathorne13, jubilli, icon_goddess, inxsomniax, _excentric_, toybirds, loveicon.

Looking for a specific icon? Check the memories. (Includes some very old icons.)

Layout by occasionalburst. (Header by me.)

Affiliates:falsemomentum, tomorrow_brings, beana_graphics, xxastrozombie, fueledbygraphix, 3_percent, tragic_devotion, alsointohats, city_wall, murdermachine, unholy_sin skyuponthewall, gee_stills, mychem_lims?. Want to be an affiliate? Then comment here, foo!